Who the f*** is Julie? 


You might see her driving around in her old convertible (singing of course). You might meet her in a book shop, barefoot and deep in a forest, up on a mountain, having a blast at the crag or (and) very very likely anywhere you can ski some powder.

Another important clue: she probably has a camera on her.


And this is where we get to the point: her special qualities as a photographer and creative director are directly related to her other (above mentioned) passions. She lives for adventures and the outdoors and loves to tell the stories that go along with this. 

Together with her partner, Alexander, who is a professional mountain guide and a passionate climber and skier, she likes to go where the wind takes her. Both being used to also be in front of the camera professionally they make for an out-of-the-ordinary tag-team. 


But what else? Julia`s background in producing big TV campaigns makes it possible for them to tackle pretty much every project. No matter if it’s just the two of them or with a big team. She’s seen it all. Well maybe not „all“. But a lot. That’s for sure. (A little hint: ask her for some fun set stories, she won't disappoint.)


So hey, whatever is on your mind, big or small, as long as it is related to powder turns, climbing, bouldering, mountain biking and or other fun and adventurous stuff, it is probably good idea to get in touch. 

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